PANEL 4: Experts. The Future of Work & The Shorter Working Week.

Roundtable discussion with academic experts from different fields (economics, gender policies, ecology, law) about the possible benefits of reducing the working week.


  • Carmen Castro (Economist, Feminist Economy Chair, University of València, Spain).
  • Jon Bernat Zubiri (Economist EHU, Basque Country, Spain).
  • Adrian Todolí (Lawyer & Economist, University of València, Spain).
  • Paloma Villanueva (Economist, Complutense University of Madrid).
  • Joan Sanchis (Economist, Generalitat Valenciana & University of València, Spain).
  • Jorge Rosales-Salas (Engineer, Mayor University of Chile).

Conducted by: Amparo Soria (Journalist, Levante EMV)