Adrián Todolí

Labor Law Professor @ University of Valencia

Dr. Adrián Todolí Signes is a full professor of Labor Law at the University of Valencia. Degree in Economics and Law. He has published more than 87 academic outcomes (including articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, edited books and monographs). He has extensive experience in Regulating the Digital Economy from a legal and economic perspective. He has published several articles in international journals and a book on Platform Economy entitled “Work in the era of Sharing economy” and has been invited to give lectures in platform economy at universities in several countries and at international startup forums. Nowadays he focuses his research in algorithmic management of workers with several publications in the matter.

Winner of the award for the best young lawyer awarded by the Spanish Labor Forum (FORELAB). Winner of the Prize for the Best Research in Labor Law granted by the Spanish Association of Labor and Social Security Law (AEDTSS) twice, in 2015 and 2016 on issues of dual professional training and evaluation of performance and compensation. As a national expert, he has collaborated with the European Commission on youth employment and Gig economy regulation (DG Employment).