Joan Majó

President @ Fundació Ernest Lluch

President @ Ernest Lluch Foundation

Dr. Industrial Engineer from the UPC. He studied, without completing them, Politics studies at the UCM. Internship periods in Paris and New York. Founder and President of TELESINCRO S.A., the first company that collected and manufactured computers in Spain (1969). President of Hispano Olivetti (1988). First democratic Mayor of Mataró (1979), Minister of Industry and Energy (1986), and “Conseiller hors-class” of the European Commission (1989). Chairman of the W.G Information Society Forum (Brussels, 1995) and President of the European Institute for the Media (Dusseldorf, 2000).

President of Barcelona 22@ (2002), General Director of the Catalan Broadcasting and TV Corporation. (2004), President of In/Out TV (2008), and member of CAREC (2011)

Currently Vice President of the Fundació Jaume Bofill, President of the Fundació Ernest Lluch, President of the “Cercle per el Coneixement” and Treasurer of the “Amics del País” Society.